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Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Seat w/ Remote

Product Review (submitted on March 6, 2013):
I'd wanted a washlet for a while, and my husband, after a business trip to Korea, wound up wanting one as well. I had assumed one with all the features that make a washlet worth it would cost over a grand, so it was kind of just a "someday!" wishlist thing.

When I came across this Clean Sense bidet though, my husband and I were both really excited that we could get something with a heated seat, heated water, multiple wash functions, a drier, soft-close seat, air filter, AND a pretty cool-looking remote panel for basically 1/3 what we had expected a Toto to run us.

It works great, and in the 3 months we've had it, both of us hate having to use the bathroom when not a home. We trek all the way up 3 flights of stairs in our townhouse just to use the washlet in our master bath instead of the other bathrooms!

The wash function keeps everyone feeling clean, the bidet function is a godsend for ladies (great for certain times of the month, as well as before and after, say, romantic evenings!), and the enema has more than enough power and adjustability to speed things up... The drying function works pretty well, although it does take a while and I never feel totally dry.

I wish the water was heated as soon as it comes on, but both of us have gotten used to bracing for a bit of a cold squirt at first. The seat heater's lowest setting still makes me uncomfortably hot after sitting there for a while, but it's better than dealing with an icy seat when you first sit down! I turn it off if it starts to get too hot for comfort -- I am not sure how anyone could stand the higher settings though!

Even with the few little quirks, this baby is definitely something we can never go back to living without, and it's a very affordable way to add some serious hygenic luxury to what are usually fairly mundane or unpleasant parts of everyone's day.
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