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Kohler Novita Bidet BH-90 / BH-93 Bidet Seat


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Customer Reviews

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Happy Review by stega
We love our's so much we will eventually buy at least one more.

These things are truly awesome as you simply swap your normal seat for one, hook up a hose to your cistern fill valve and plug in to a standard electrical outlet.

And now for a bit of TMI: never having regularly used a bidet I was a tad skeptical, but after 6 months with one, I could not imagine living in a house that didn’t have such a feature. Cleaning is so much easier than just the usual method of wiping with toilet paper, and while we still use toilet paper to dry, the amount pales in comparison to the “old ways”. This is great news as we are on a septic tank and leech field setup for our sewer needs, so the more non-biological components that we can keep out of the system the better

Plus our drain plumbing is kind of a mess as we have a lot of 90 degree turns, so anything we can do to simplify what we flush minimizes the likelihood of clogged pipes. Here’s a diagram of what I mean– the green Iines are the drain pipes and the egress is at the bottom of the image.

The above is from our full blog post @ http://purgatory.org/archives/3055 (Posted on 8/18/2017)
nothing like a great bidet Review by isoman77360
I have always wanted a great bidet, I have traveled all over the world and for some reason a bidet is not very common in the US, this is the best thing that will ever happen to your rear end, lol, it's cleaner warmer and just plain great, if you don't have one you need to get one today, that being said the bidet I bought from bidet king is great, works great, even though the remote is a little touchy on the seat controls and could have been placed in a better location. Loved the service and the fast shipping, would I buy another from bidet king, you bet. (Posted on 6/11/2017)
Awesome Review by David
I purchased and installed a Kohler Novita Bidet from BidetKing and have been very pleased with it. I love the automatic lid and night time blue light, which were the two reasons I selected this Bidet seat. I had a cleansense DIB-1500R installed previously and it worked fine, but the two afore mentioned features were the reason I made the switch. The Kohler Novita is a high quality, comfortable, and excellent performing bidet seat. Go ahead and buy it. You will be glad you did. (Posted on 4/7/2017)
My experience with bidetking was awesome Review by Cornell
You want that wow factor to a bathroom call bidet king they were professional and shipped it in a timely matter (Posted on 1/24/2017)
Great Review by S&H-inCA
I didn't know what a Bidet really was but my husband had one in the past and swears by it so I was willing to try one. We did alot of research to make sure we made a good purchase. This is a great product with lots of bells and whistles and needless to say now I'M A HUGE FAN of BIDETS. Works really well and we LOVE the seat warmer, night light, automatic seat raiser, warm water, easy touch buttons etc. I was recommended to this model by the BidetKing rep I called on the phone prior to purchase and he didn't steer us wrong. Very happy with our purchase of the KOHLER NOVITA BIDET BH-90 / BH-93 BIDET SEAT! (Posted on 1/6/2017)
Update Review by Big John
I expressed some concern about the durability of the two-piece seat in my original review on 6/3/2016. Since then the cracking sound continued. I took a closer look and realized that the two portions of the seat had indeed separated. The separation was half way around and growing by the “load”. I called CS and they said that “i must have got one of the older units” because this known issue has been addressed on the newer units. I had two thoughts 1) Bummer, the sold me an old unit and 2) relief that it has been addressed. They sent out a new seat with instructions in prose (no pictures nor illustrations). I called CS and Richard talked me through it. We texted pictures (he had one there) and that was much easier. I now could make the seat swap in 15 minutes. The cryptic instructions make little sense until you have done it once. Pictures really worth a 1000 words. The replacement seat looks identical to the first seat, so if they addressed the issue, it is visually invisible. I told Richard that if this also separates, I’m going to want a different brand, He understood. (Posted on 6/10/2016)
Great--but for seat Review by Big John
We have had this product for a couple of weeks. My wife has early onset dementia so this has helped with her personal needs and preserved her dignity. She loves it. I can operate it for her and all she has to do is sit and get up when I say “all clear”. My only complaint is the seat makes loud creaks and pops, like it is cracking and breaking. I have not seen actual breaks but other reviewers have said that their’s broke. I called Bidet King and they made a note of it and said they would replace it if it breaks. The reason for needing a 2-piece seat is that ti is needed for heating the seat. I never use this. I live in SoCal so heated seats are not needed (or wanted). I wish there were a way to order a solid seat to eliminate the loud and scary pops cracks.

I also would prefer a controller with tactile feedback. The touch pad is too sensitive, activating with a brush or even close encounter. Also some actions, like pulse wash require a double clck--this is hit and miss because of the lack of tactile feedback. (Posted on 6/3/2016)
Overall great product with one flaw that can be fixed Review by Tommy
Love the Novita Bidet. Works great. Does the job well. Plenty of water pressure. Plenty of air pressure for drying. Overall, a great product.
My only complaint is that the toilet seat also cracked on me and I'm only 270lbs. The seat has two parts to it, the upper and lower parts are sandwiched together around the heating element that make up the seat. They are plastic welded together or glued around heating element. But for some reason one side of the seat seems to be welded or glued better than the other. Within six weeks of owning it the seat started to split, on the left side as you sit on it, at the seam and it continued until it made its way to the front part of the seat.
The possible cause: on the bottom of the seat that sits on the bowl of the toilet there are four hard plastic pads, but the two pads up front have extra rubber pads attached to them. The two hard plastic pads in back do not have the extra rubber pads.
The possible solution: maybe the hard plastic pads in back should have had the extra rubber pads as well?
The last thing, on pg.13 of the instruction manual it says to "use the wrench provided with the bidet"... There was no wrench provided with the bidet. Neither was there a brush for cleaning as stated on pg.11.
Bidet King made it right and repaired the seat so I am very pleased with Bidet King and their customer service. Novita stood by their product and covered repair under warranty, so I have confidence in the manufacturer.
Hopefully, this will be the one and only repair. If not, Bidet King said they would make it right. (Posted on 5/10/2016)
Excellent bidet and Excellent service! Review by ABA
It's been about 3 weeks since my Novita was installed.

1) I am 100% satisfied with the Novita BH90. It is exactly as described and advertised in BidetKing.com. I am very happy with the quality and features of the BH90, it really exceeds my expectations.
2) I am also 100% satisfied with your customer service, helpfulness and ease of the whole process. I appreciate the help and expertise provided by James, when I first called to inquire about choices, and especially the subsequent assistance in an exchange.
3) After delivery, I changed my mind on the round BH93 and exchanged it for the elongated BH90. It could not have been a smoother return/reorder process. I appreciate the suggestion to return only the seat - and to keep the rest of items. The entire return/reorder exchange was smooth and timely. (had to pay the cost of return/delivery of course)
4) And delighted with the Black Friday sale!

Bit of advice for prospective buyers who are also replacing their toilets. If you have a choice, go with the elongated (BH90) rather than round (BH90). It is significantly more comfortable and better looking.

I did very extensive research before choosing Bidetking and the Novita. Clearly I made the best choice. I highly recommend bidetking and the Novita. (Posted on 12/28/2015)
Definitely a Luxury Seat! Review by Juan
I just purchased my second Novita Bidet BH-90/93 Bidet Seat for the hallway bathroom and became really excited when I was able to discover how to turn on the bidet seat night light. It's really cool when you walk into the bathroom, half asleep, and all the lights are out. Except the blue light emanating from below the bidet seat. You can hit the remote button to lift the seat--if that's what you need--or just know where you have to sit without turning on any lights.
I would recommend to the manufacturer to correct some spelling in the user manual and ensure that it is providing all the proper tools they claim to accompany the bidet seat. I found specifically on page 13, that the User/Installation Manual indicates the bidet seat includes a special wrench tool, but I could not find one and it is extremely important in order to tighten the seat base to the toilet.
Instead of placing information about the "Mood Lamp" at the end of the section "How to use main unit control panel" on page 26, they should include that information at the beginning of the section on page 25--or at the beginning of the manual.
Aside from those two issues and a few gramatical errors in the user manual, I still consider this to be "the best buy" in its category, which is why I gave it 5-Stars! I am very pleased with BidetKing.com and my purchasing experience with them. The second bidet seat I ordered (Novita Bidet BH-90/BH-93 Bidet Seat) was Dec. 21, and I did not expect it to arrive until later in the month. But to my surprise the order was received on Dec. 24. I cannot stop praising BidetKing.com for their expediency and efficiency. Thank You. (Posted on 12/26/2015)

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