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Bio Bidet BB-2000 Bliss Bidet Seat w/ Remote


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Customer Reviews

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Excellent, after 6 months use Review by Larry
My wife and I both rate this product 5 stars. After 6 months, we no longer consider it a luxury, but a necessary sanitary requirement. Does everything it claims, and more. Quality excellent, very reliable.

The only learning curve is how you position yourself on the seat for cleaning. While this device is designed for the average butt, we are all different sizes. While the adjustable wand helps to position the wash, it does take a little scooting to hit the right spot. I slide a bit forward, the wife slides a bit back. After a couple of times, this becomes automatic.

Go ahead, buy it, try it, you will love it.

Larry (Posted on 7/1/2014)
Lots of Features, remote can be confusing, a little noisy Review by JJ
First, a summary of my review, followed by a more extensive review.

Product Pro's:

1. Comfortable seat (elongated is what I have)
2. Good water pressure
3. Easy installation, even for non handy type people
4. Multiple useful functions such as variable water temp, heated seat, soft close seat, oscillation of nozzle, auto clean
5. Wall Mounted wireless remote

Product Negatives:

1. Its LOUD. Loud enough for people outside of the bathroom to hear the motor fairly clearly. Some may not care, but this for a bathroom near a main area, It could cause some embarassment as you can hear the motor spin up / oscillate, etc.

2. Wall mounted remote has small buttons
3. Many of the buttons on the wall mounted remote are confusing, and depending on who this product is intended for could be frustrating.

Detailed review:

First, shipping from BidetKing was on time, and the order process was extremely painless. Product is pretty easy to install, as I am not the most handy of guys and was able to get it installed in about 25 minutes.

The remote has pretty small buttons, so if you are installing this for someone who has vision issues, that could be an issue. Also, there are a LOT of features on this bidet, and not every button on the remote is self explanatory. One example of this is, the "rear wash" button looks pretty darn similar to the "enema" button, as they both have icons of rear ends with water. The enema button shows a stream and the "rear wash" button shows more of a spray, but unless you are familiar with these buttons you could get a surprise.

The spray pressure is very good, and adjustable. The water stream is targetted well, both for males and females. I am 6'3 and 230lbs and the seat is pretty comfortable (elongated seat). My wife is about 5'7 and says the seat is also comfortable for her.

The seat warmer is nice, and comfortable. My experience with the supposed "instant on" unlimited hot water has been hit or miss. When the bidet first turns on, the water is "cool / warm" and then gradually warms up to the temperature set. They claim no "cold spots" and I guess that is true, however the water is not always the temperature you set.

One BIG negative (at least for me) was the noise this unit makes. I ordered (2) of these units, with one to be put in a master bedroom, and one in a powder room off my family room area. The idea was for my wife and I to have easy access to a Bidet both upstairs and downstairs, and also give friends and family a chance to try one.

This bidet is LOUD. Loud enough for people to hear the motor spin up while in our family room, and wonder what the noise is.

I am surprised I do not see other reviewers speak of the noise, which makes me think there might be an issue with mine... but in all other respects it operates normally.

I am rating the overall product as 4 stars. If the unit was not as noisy as it is, it would be an easy 5 stars, even with the somewhat confusing remote.
(Posted on 6/3/2014)
Overall outstanding Review by Michael A.
This Bidet was easy to install. It does take a little time to get dryed. I found the seat to be small for an elongated toilet seat. All the functions seems to work. (Posted on 6/3/2014)
saved my quality of life Review by TD LHC, AZ
After cool rectal cancer, this is what saved my quality of life. BB2000 putting the 2000 in Motor Coach (Posted on 6/3/2014)
This is what they say! Review by Martha
BidetKing and the BB-2000 are great, thanks for the seedy shipment and thanks for all the information on your site.
Great product installs very easy and fast. Probably took a little longer than 30min only because I took my time withe the plastic type connections. But really I am 55yo lady, and it was easy. Just follow directions. Warm seat Omgoodnes , never had a heated toilet seat before. Now I am spoiled ! (Posted on 3/13/2014)
A very good performing bidet with lots of features Review by Marc
I decided to get myself the 2000 Bliss, elongated with white remote.

The bidet arrived promptly and well packaged. Installation took me probably 15 minutes. Downside. The chrome tubing that comes with the bidet did not fit my water valve. It uses a 1/2" fitting while my valve uses a 3/8" one. You can either re-use your original tubing (which is what I ended up doing), get yourself a 1/2" to 3/8"reducer or a new tubing. On the plus side. Everything installs very smoothly. No leakage. Perfect.

Bidet offers plenty of options. After reading through the manual several times it's pretty straight forward. Downside. The remote is not backlit. So it's pretty hard to manage with the lights off. Don't know how those rubber keypads will look in a year from now but time will tell.

I have personally used several different other bidets so I have a very good comparison and I would say the dryer to be the weakest link of this bidet. Even after 3 minutes I'm still not 100% dry. The Blooming BL17 has the best dryer function I have ever used. Those would probably be my only few negatives. Everything else works as advertised and the bidet itself looks solid and very well build. I'm glad I opted for the Bliss 2000. (Posted on 2/21/2014)
Installation, First Use Update Review by Larry
Took about 30 min. to install. 15 min reading instructions and 15 doing the actual installation. Only tool used was plyers and screw driver.

Best features so far: adjustable everything; hot water, warm seat, water pressure, wash position, back and forth movement for good area coverage. Even the fan will dry you if your patient enough. It runs for 3 min before auto shut off. My experiment: 1 min. still a bit damp, use paper. 2 min. dry, paper not necessary, but head space says use some. 3 min. very dry, hey this works!

Wife says had to find the "best spot" for feminine position, but it reached. This was a problem with other products, not the BB2000.

All in all, a great experience. Very comfortable, sanitary, and leaves you feeling clean and pampered, without paper irratation. (could not figure out how to add to initial review, hence two reviews. Next, 6 month comment on reliability and qualtiy). (Posted on 1/6/2014)
Great bidet from a great online merchant Review by Mtnrunner
After visiting Japan for several weeks on work and having spent much time in Europe I finally decided to join the modern world and outfit my house with a bidet. After much research I took advantage for Bidetking's cyber Monday deal and ordered the BB-2000. While it's exactly what I had in mind the seat did have some scratches probably occurring at the factory. BidetKing did not hesitate to correct the situation with excellent, speedy communications during a very busy Holiday season. I now reco BidetKing to all my friends based who are realizing the bidet is an essential home appliance and buying from BK is as much a no brainer! (Posted on 12/10/2013)
Great design and features not available other machines Review by Larry
Like most of you, I have searched and read auto bidet reviews for the past month. So I'll give back a bit. I ordered a Bio Bidet BB-2000 from Bidet King. Here is why. BIDET KING has the best technical data, quick response from support to answer questions, and Amazon has them as a partner. That tells me they are a tried and true trusted supplier. BIO BIDET BB-2000. Only product that has all the features I wanted: 1. Both tank and tankless for continous warm water without the initial cold shock. 2: Reccomended by several techs as the best for femimine "reach" without the famous skoot and bend gymnastics. 3: Best combination of washes: Vortex for constipation, bubbles for gental feminime, both massage and wide area, adjustable wand for custom wash. 4.Removable tip for clean and replace. After 6 months of use I will update this review and let you know about function and quality. (Posted on 12/9/2013)
Very Good Review by Don
This would be an excellent choice for me.

Don (Posted on 11/28/2013)

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