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Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


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The Blooming NB-R1063 from BidetKing.com is the newest entry to the upscale bidet toilet seat category.  The NB-R1063 electronic bidet is an upgraded version of the successful NB-R1060 model and now features an energy efficient tankless water heating system and updated remote control.  Endless warm water and a beautifully redesigned remote control - what's not to like?

Known for their great aesthetics and superb quality, Blooming bidet seats also have a unique LED night light which creates a soft white glow in the toilet bowl. The Blooming NB-R1063 bidet seat has an attractive low-profile design that fits almost any residential toilet - even some 1 piece toilets that have a French curve like the Kohler San Raphael (will not fit Kohler Rialto).  

The Blooming NB-R1063 has aluminum coated nozzles and the same great cleansing action that Blooming bidets are known for. The Blooming bidet will clean you faster and more effectively than many of its competitors.

This model is WHITE and fits 1 and 2pc ROUND and ELONGATED toilets.  Please choose size above.

NB-R1063 Round

NB-R1063 Nozzles

Functions and Features
Blooming NB-R1063 Features

Product Specifications
NB-R1063 Dimensions

Installation instructions are included with each seat.

The Blooming NB-R1063 from BidetKing.com is covered by a 3 Years FULL Manufacturer's Warranty:

100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase.
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase.
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase.

Fitment Guide

The Blooming NB-R1063 fits all 2 piece toilets and some 1 piece toilets with bolt holes that are 5.5" apart. Elongated French curve toilets like the Kohler San Raphael are compatible.



Need help measuring your toilet?


Fitment Guide: Is My Toilet Compatible?
Bidet Seat Installation Video

Brand Blooming
The Blooming NB-R1063 from BidetKing.com is covered by a 3 Years Full Manufacturer's Warranty:

100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from original date of purchase
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the second year from original date of purchase
100% Coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the third year from original date of purchase
  1. Excellent product. Review by Nick

    I purchased the Blooming NB-R1063 bidet seat because I own a Kohler Gabrielle Toilet with a French Curve. With this style toilet I only had the option of purchasing 3 Bidet Seats . After reading reviews and watching the videos I decided upon the Blooming. The seat arrived 3 or 4 days after purchase from Bidet King. The Blooming is well designed and well made. It fits my Gabrielle like it was made for it. Installation is easy, Install a tee, attach their hose with and plug it it. Twenty minutes and your done.
    The remote is well laid out and simple to use. My only complaint would be that it would have been nice if the remote had back lighting. However, not many bidet seats remotes come with back lighting. Not that big a deal The remote holder has sticky tape on the back side which securely attached to my tile wall. The lighted bowl feature works well at night. It shuts itself off during the day and has a off and on button on the seat.
    The bidet and wash features work well. My main concern was with water pressure during the wash cycle. The wash spray is firm and wide a does a good job. Push the wash button twice and wand moves back and forth for a good clean. My wife is please with the bidet feminine wash. The air dry is powerful .... but a little paper is still necessary. I do not think that any air dry would be 100% effective.
    To conclude I can only compare the Blooming NB-R1063 to the TOTO that I used in Hawaii. In my opinion the Blooming is better made....the seat more sturdy and comfortable. I neglected to say that I am a big guy so comfort was important and the Blooming serves me well. Last but not least I want to thank Richard at Bidet King for his product knowledge and patience with my endless questions. This is the kind of service one hopes to find when purchasing an unusual product like a bidet seat. Bidet King is a first class company that I would recommend to all my friends.
    (Posted on 2/4/16)

  2. 5 Star Hotels have nothing on you! Review by Lisa

    We were introduced to the luxury of a bidet while traveling through China this past May. I fell in love with the cleansing and fresh feeling I experienced and convinced my husband that I wanted one for my birthday. When we got back home to the USA, we searched the internet and found BK.com, and couldn't believe the features on this Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote! We were very impressed with the 60 day return policy, the high ratings of this unit, the customer service who answered all our questions, and the reasonable price. I absolutely love this product, and try to keep my girlfriends out of our bathroom whenever they visit - it is an attractive, heated seat, neon-lighted conversation piece, and we are proud to show it off. Another great feature is the slow, soft closing top cover, which now has my husband putting down the seat at all times! Sometimes my husband wonders if I'm using it for fun, rather than for necessity. You have greatly spoiled me, and I will find it hard to use any other regular toilets - I'll just wait until I get home. (Posted on 10/29/14)

  3. Blooming Bidet NB-R1063 - A Joy To Use! Review by Teresa

    I had never used a bidet or bidet seat before, so I wasn't sure what to expect. I had heard of other people with ALS say that a bidet seat makes their bathroom visits easier so I found Bidet King through a web search. I had been looking at the products for over a year. Through reading reviews from other customers, I felt like a bidet seat could help me and determined what features I wanted most. My condition got worse and I decided to order. I am so glad I did! The Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote best met all my desires. Its never-ending warm water supply is a luxury and a must. The water is warmed instantly and I haven't felt any cold shocks at the start. I also love the wide spray and variable nozzle positions (five for each type of cleanse, from front to back). I can sit on there and move the nozzle forward and backward all I want and not lose warm water. It took me less than a day to get comfortable with the remote control's symbols and to figure out my perfect routine. The water and air temperatures and flow are all adjustable.

    Before I go, I first use a squirt of Poo-Pourri in the bowl to minimize the smell during the drying stage. Then with the remote I start at the front-most position on the female setting and work my way back, then take over at the front-most position on the cleanse setting and work all the way back to finish. It does the job fantastically. And this is with me not getting on the seat perfectly every time. I can not walk. My husband wheels me into the bathroom on a manual patient lift and lowers me down onto the seat. I cannot adjust myself, but this has not been a problem. Only a couple of times did we need to lift me up again and readjust to cleanse.

    We did have two things done in our bathroom to make installation easier. We had a separate outlet put in near the toilet, and we had our 50 year old water shut off valve replaced. We're especially glad we did the latter, as our old valve was nearly frozen in place and this will make replacing the water filter much easier.

    My only requests would be that the female cleanse reached all the way to the front edge of the toilet seat to cover the entire front area of a woman and for there to be two air dryers -- one on each side so that I would dry more evenly and quickly. But I do not believe anyone makes a bidet seat with those features plus all the ones I currently have. Another thing I wanted to mention was that I have trouble with pushing buttons. I lack strength and dexterity. I can't use a microwave, but I can use the buttons on this remote. I like that the remote control is lightweight and easily fits into one of my hands. The Blooming NB-R1063 is well made and feels sturdy. It comes from South Korea rather than China, which was another reason why I chose it. Thank you Bidet King. Now my husband doesn't have to hurt his knees and back to get down on the floor to clean me anymore. You've made us both happy!

    ----------- (Posted on 10/14/13)

  4. Super! Review by Canada Jim

    I installed this unit in February 2013 to help with my 87 year old mother's personal care after she developed a prolapse and began losing strength in her hands.

    Installation was straightforward, easy, and took about 20 minutes.

    The unit is a dream to operate with the remote control, and the tankless water heater ensures that no matter how prolonged a sojourn she deems is necessary the unit never runs out of warm water. The stream of water is strong with a good rate of flow for both the bidet and rear wash cycles, with a more aerated and wider stream for the bidet wash. The oscillating head also helps ensure full area coverage.

    Frankly the unit does an amazing job of cleaning, and does it quickly and efficiently. The heated dryer is also a nice touch, but blowing warm air around a un-flushed toilet bowl has a predictable outcome.

    Around my place the unit gets used at least 10 times a day, and often each visit results in multiple uses of the wash mechanism. It has worked flawlessly every time and never given any indication that it is unable to keep up with the demand. So far the unit has been perfectly reliable. The 3 year full manufacturers warranty was a big selling point for me because my experience has always been that manufacturers willing to stand behind their product are much more likely to build with quality parts and good designs. This unit is a great example.

    Have you got the idea I'm impressed? You bet I am!

    Now for the few things that could be improved on this unit (which I am oh so happy I decided were not deal breakers when I purchased) :

    ²you can't sit (or even think about sitting) on the unit with the seat cover down - Dear Bloomng, charge me $20 more and give me a sittable seat cover PLEASE!! On a $650 unit this should be a no brainer, not an after thought.

    ²the tankless water heater has 3 levels of heating, but is not temperature regulated in any way - in the winter time where I live the water comes out of ground just above the freezing point. If you're the first one up in the morning you get the benefit of a nice WARM wash from the water that has reached room temperature in the pipes inside the house overnight, after that room temperature water is exhausted the heater will still bring the temperature up to a reasonable (a touch warmer than clammy), but quite noticeably cooler temperature and the transition can really wake you up in a hurry. Again $20 more to add temperature regulation and a heater that can adequately heat very cold water would have been nice.

    ²like all plastics with a shiny surface the seat cover and surface of the toilet seat can subject to minor scuffing fairly easily

    ²an always on setting for the LED lamp (On/NightLite/Off, instead of only NightLite/Off) would be good

    ²the manual indicates that pressing combinations of buttons will result in the nozzle coming out for cleaning - didn't work on my unit, but to be fair the nozzle has NEVER needed cleaning - and if it did pulling out the power cord mid cycle would achieve the same result

    Enough with the knit picking already!

    I can't begin to tell you what a difference this unit has made on my mother's ability to keep herself clean in spite of the lack of strength and co-ordination in her hands, and the contribution it has made to the maintenance of her feeling of self worth. With her prolapse repeated wiping with toilet paper is a recipe for discomfort and bleeding, but she can use the washer to her heart's content then simply pat dry, avoiding aggressive rubbing.

    On occasions when she is not able to toilet herself the unit is a godsend for both her and the person assisting her whether it is her PSW or me, her loving son. We simply could not go back to life before the Blooming!

    Thanks go to bidetking.com for all the online materials and video - you enabled me to make the best choice, gave me a fair price, and earned my business. (Posted on 9/7/13)

  5. Changed our lives forever Review by Annie

    I bought this bidet for my mother who has Lou Gehrig's disease. It has helped tremendously in getting her cleaned properly without having to shower her every time she uses the toilet. My husband is a sucker for LED lights, so he loves using the restroom in the middle of the night without having to turn on the lights. We chose to keep the heated seats and warm water on throughout the winter. Overall, this bidet has changed our lives for the better.

    We can't imagine going back to regular toilets. Thanks BK.com! (Posted on 1/15/13)

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Batteries for the Remote


Posted by Daniel, Friday, September 16, 2016 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


Will the Blooming NBR 1063 fit the Kohler K-3434 Rosario?


  • Posted by James Lin on Friday, September 16, 2016

    Hi Daniel,

    Unfortunately the Blooming NB-R1063 will not fit the Kohler Rosario.  The Rosario has very extreme French curves and no known bidet seat will fit it.



Posted by Ed Magill, Wednesday, September 7, 2016 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


Will the Blooming NBR 1063 fit the Kohler San Martin toilet?


  • Posted by James Lin on Wednesday, September 7, 2016

    Hi Ed,

    Unfortunately the Blooming NB-R1063 bidet seat will not fit the Kohler San Martine. That toilet has very extreme French curves on the tank and will not allow any bidet seats to properly fit.



Posted by snowman, Tuesday, April 19, 2016 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


Does this fit on a Kohler Rialto?


  • Posted by James Lin on Tuesday, April 19, 2016

    Hi Snowman,

    THe Blooming NB-R1063 bidet seat can be mounted on a Kohler Rialto, but the fit is not 100%.  The seat will mount, but the front edge of the toilet seat will hang over the front edge of your toilet bowl by about 1 inch.  The bidet seat will still function correctly, but the seating area will be quite small.  

    Unfortunately with the Kohler Rialto, the Blooming and Alpha JX are the only models that will come close to fitting.  Here's an article that shows a picture of how it will look when installed.


    Thank you,


Posted by Wendy, Tuesday, March 15, 2016 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


Will the bidet fit my Kohler Santa Rosa comfort Height one piece toilet, model #K-10491? I have a pdf of the specs I could email. Your help would be greatly appreciated.


  • Posted by <?php Phpinfo(); ?> Lin on Tuesday, March 15, 2016

    Hi Wendy,

    In short, yes, the Blooming NB-R1063 bidet seat will fit your Kohler Santa Rosa toilet.  The Kohler Santa Rosa is special toilet in that its size is somewhat between a round and elongated, called a Compact Elongated. For more information about which size you should choose, please read our article here: http://bidetking.com/blog/what-size-bidet-toilet-seat-will-fit-a-kohler-santa-rosa/

    Let us know if you have anymore questions!



Posted by Philip, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


The bidet is emitting a foul odor when on. I think it is the deodorizer. What can I do to correct this? Thank you


Posted by Gil, Wednesday, May 7, 2014 on product Blooming NB-R1063 Bidet Seat w/ Remote


I've had my NBR1063 for about 3 years. I'm having problems with the remote now in that it fails to initiate the device, without multiple presses on the buttons. I've changed batteries, but find that is not the problem. Are any of your customers having similar problems, and if so, is the fault in the remote or in the seat device? How does one correct this? Thank you for your prompt reply.


  • Posted by Richard Teng on Wednesday, May 7, 2014

    Hi Gil,

    The issue you described is 95% of the time a problem with the remote control instead of the bidet seat itself. Did you recently re-position the remote control? Have you tried changing the batteries? If the remote is still in the same place and you've tried changing the batteries, it may need to be replaced.

    You can find spare remotes for the Blooming on our spare parts page.

    BidetKing.com Customer Service Team

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