With so many bidet toilet seats available, it’s hard to pick the right model for one’s needs.  Some bidet seats cost over $1000 while others can be had for under $300.  At BidetKing.com, we categorize all bidet seats under $400 into our Value category.  So which value bidet toilet seat is the best?  Taking into consideration price, features, quality, and reliability, our editors have chosen the Clean Sense dib-1500R as our #1 pick.  Find our top 3 picks explained below.

Clean Sense dib-1500R

#1 Clean Sense dib-1500R - $379

The Clean Sense dib-1500R bidet toilet seat is one of our favorite models regardless of price.  Manufactured in S Korea, the Clean Sense line was one of the first to fully adopt tankless water heating systems for energy efficiency and endless warm water.  Nowadays, virtually all of the leading bidet brands use this technology. 

The dib-1500R is a fully loaded bidet seat that has front and rear aerated wash, a dedicated enema function, warm air dryer, an aluminum wash nozzle, deodorizer, heated seat, nozzle oscillation and pulse, LED night light, and even the ability to save 4 user presets.  The wireless remote control has a clear LCD screen with clock and setting readouts.  The seat is sturdy enough to support up to 320lbs and has one of the largest seat openings available.  Another great aspect of the Clean Sense is its strong water pressure despite having a tankless water heater.  

The main drawback of the dib-1500R bidet seat is its short 1 year standard warranty.

Bio Bidet BB-400

#2 Bio Bidet BB-400 - $399

The Bio Bidet BB-400 bidet toilet seat is another fully featured model available at a value price of just $399.  Brought in from S Korea under the Bio Bidet brand, the BB-400 boasts strong water pressure with separate his and her rear wash modes.  “Her” rear wash is a softer spray, while “his” rear wash is a stronger, narrow stream that can also be used as an enema function. 

The BB-400 bidet seat also has a warm air dryer, nozzle oscillation and pulse, heated seat, and a wireless remote control with extra large buttons.  The remote control is a favorite of some of BidetKing.com’s elderly customers as the large soft buttons are easy to read and press. 

The main drawbacks of the Bio Bidet BB-400 are that it only provides 30 seconds of warm water and the spray is not as well aerated as other models. 

Nova 1000

#3 Nova 1000 - $299

At just $299, the Nova 1000 is one of the least expensive bidet seats on the market today.  At this value price, Nova even managed to include a hybrid water heating system that provides instant and endless warm water.  The Nova also pushes out strong water pressure with a dedicated turbo/enema function available.  It features front and rear wash, enema function, nozzle oscillation and pulse, heated, and an aluminum wash nozzle. 

The Nova 1000 is perfect for first time bidet seat users or users looking for a simple, inexpensive hygiene upgrade.  It’s not as fully loaded with features as other models so it’s ideal for guest bathrooms or kids rooms where the extra bells and whistles aren’t needed.