Toilet Paper Stats

Bidet toilet seats are a great way to cut down on toilet paper use.  Instead of having to wipe several times with toilet paper, clean yourself with a warm aerated stream of fresh water.  When you’re done, use a couple sheets to dab dry or activate the seat’s warm air dryer and enjoy the breeze.

Are all electronic bidet seats equally energy efficient?  No – although all bidet seats will help you cut down on toilet paper use, they are not all created equally.  For the most energy efficient solution, choose a bidet seat with an inline water heater rather than the conventional water tank.  Electronic bidet seats with inline water heaters like the Clean Sense and Brondell brands do not heat the water until you are using the wash.   They draw a higher wattage while in use (1200-1300w), but are still much more energy efficient because they don’t constantly heat a tank of water.  Also, no tank means that the warm water supply is basically endless.