Making the choice to buy a bidet toilet seat is often a big decision for new users.  There are so many different models on the market and the multitude of bells and whistles can be confusing.  Some users can spend hours and hours doing research on the internet only to find that the bidet they purchased will not work in their bathroom.  Here are some of the most common mistakes that customers make when buying a bidet toilet seat.

#1 Buying the wrong size

Bidet toilet seats in the US and Canada are sold in two different sizes: Round or Elongated.  This is because most residential toilets are generally sold in these two sizes.  It is imperative for new users to figure out what kind of toilet they have before buying a bidet seat.   Consult our bidet fitment guide or check manufacturer websites to determine whether your toilet is compatible with bidet toilet seats and which size you should purchase (about 75% of all the bidet seats we sell at are in the elongated size). 

Buying the wrong sized bidet or one that is not compatible with your particular toilet will result in headaches and dissatisfaction—two things everyone would like to avoid.  Measure your toilet carefully before buying and you’ll be enjoying a perfectly fitted bidet toilet seat in no time. 

#2 Trying to go too cheap

Bidet toilet seats should really be considered major appliances in line with washing machines and dishwashers.  If you think about it, bidet seats are used every day, multiple times a day, usually by multiple people within a household.  Other than your refrigerator, what other appliances do you use that often?   Experienced bidet seat users know the multitude of benefits and value that come with owning a bidet seat, but new users sometimes find the price tag hard to swallow.  They then go to eBay in search of the cheapest, made in China bidet seat they can find and are almost always disappointed with the results. 

Decent quality bidet seats can start as low as $250, but our most popular models go for $400-$700.  Do yourself a favor and find a reputable bidet seat company with good reviews, rather than the cheapest seat you can find online.  You’ll wonder why you waited so long to buy one.

#3 Bathroom cannot accommodate an electrical outlet

Electronic bidet toilet seats require an electrical outlet for operation.  Most bathrooms have electrical outlets already, but usually not next to the toilet.  Users can either have a new outlet installed near the toilet, or simply run an extension cord to the nearest outlet if it can be done safely.  Some bathrooms that have extensive tile work or have a water closet that separates the toilet can find it difficult to accommodate a bidet seat’s electrical requirement.  Be sure to examine your bathroom’s electrical situation before purchasing a bidet toilet seat to avoid the hassle of having to return it.

#4 Unrealistic expectations

Bidet toilet seats are amazing.  They improve hygiene, help the disabled and elderly regain bathroom independence, reduce toilet paper use and much more.  As amazing as bidets are, some new users go into the purchase with unrealistic expectations thinking their new bidet seat will do their taxes and walk their dog (yes please!).  A bidet seat will fully clean you after you use the bathroom, but if you have a condition that requires your entire bottom to be cleaned after each bathroom visit, a bidet seat is not for you (try a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer instead).  A bidet seat will transform your toilet into a bidet, but it will not work on transfer benches or commodes that need to be moved often.  If you have special needs, talk to one of our representatives and we’ll gladly help determine if a bidet seat can benefit your life.