Bidet Toilet Seat FAQ #2

If I buy a bidet toilet seat, will I still need toilet paper?

Although toilet seat bidets eliminate the need to wipe with toilet paper, it is not likely to completely eliminate the need for toilet paper for a number of reasons.

1. Warm Air Dryer – On just about every bidet seat on the market, the warm air-dryer function is relatively weak.  It feels like a hair blow dryer on a very low setting.  As a result, it would require the user to sit there for 2-3 minutes before being completely dried.  For most people, this is too long and they would rather use a couple sheets of toilet paper to dab dry.  (The electronic bidet seat with the strongest warm-air dryer that we’ve found, is the Brondell Swash 1000)
2. Guests – Despite our best efforts to spread the goodness of bidets, the vast majority of our country is still unfamiliar with/weirded out by bidet toilet seats (crazy, we know).  It’s best to keep a roll handy for our unenlightened guests.
3. Misc – What if you need to blow your nose while you’re sitting on the toilet? There’s no button on the bidet seat remote for that!

Washlet bidet seats can drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper your family consumes, but are unlikely to eliminate the need for TP completely.  For folks suffering from limited mobility issues, bidet seats and their warm air dryers can offer a toilet paper / reach free solution.  But for most, toilet paper is still used – just in smaller quantities.