For elderly adults, proper hygiene is a daily struggle simply because of mobility issues. They may not be able to take proper care of themselves, and this could result in very unhygienic situations, especially if they live alone. It’s important to consider options that will make proper bathroom hygiene easier on seniors so that they can maintain their dignity and health.

Most people have used toilet paper their whole lives. The idea of anything different for bathroom hygiene sounds so foreign to them that they have never considered anything else. However, there is a very good case for the bidet and it certainly offers numerous advantages, especially when compared to the old stand-by of toilet paper.

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The General Advantages

Let’s begin by discussing the general advantages for anyone who chooses to use a bidet over toilet paper. You may be surprised at how much it has to offer.

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A bidet reduces the use of toilet paper. Did you know that “America approximately uses 26 billion rolls of toilet paper per year – about 23.6 rolls per person? Roughly ten million trees have been pulped to accommodate this much toilet paper.” (Toilet Paper Vs. Bidet: Bathroom Facts, 2011)

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There is already an environmental crisis on hand, and the more we can do to reduce our consumption and waste, the better. Bidets require the use of significantly less toilet paper, which is certainly a good thing for the planet.

Toilet Paper Money

A bidet also helps you save money. In fact when calculating toilet paper use for the average family, the bidet will more than pay for itself in about a year. After this, you will do nothing but save money.

These are some of the many general advantages to choosing a bidet over toilet paper. You are likely already seeing how this is the best option. Now, let’s go into detail on why a bidet is the best option for seniors.

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Since most older adults already have mobility problems, without use of options like a bidet, they may have to depend on other people for their toilet hygiene. This takes away from their dignity immensely, especially when toilet matters are considered discreet and private in today’s society. A bidet will allow seniors to remain hygienic without the help from others. There are many advantages too, including:

- Reduction of risk in bladder and vaginal infections;
- Reduction in discomfort from use of toilet paper, and
- Better hygiene after physiological changes associated with aging.

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Because bidets are so easy even for seniors to use, they take away any hygiene issues that could be associated with poor hand-eye coordination or other disabilities. The chance of infections is greatly reduced, and the senior will be able to maintain their independence since they may visit the bathroom and deal with their hygiene issues without assistance from a family member or aid. Bidets simply offer the best option for older adults since they are so much more hygienic and simple to use.


If you care for an older adult who does have mobility problems, then you can ensure they are able to maintain their dignity while keeping properly hygienic in the bathroom. Toilet activities can be extremely difficult for someone who does have mobility issues, and it is clear that a bidet can be very helpful. When compared to toilet paper, the bidet offers numerous different advantages for the aging adult.

Bidets For All Members of the Family

Additionally, it is the advantageous option for anyone no matter their age since the bidet is so much more environmentally friendly and cost effective. Seniors can benefit from the use of the bidet and so too could anyone else.

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